How To Explain Citroen Key Fob To A Five-Year-Old

How to Get a Citroen Key Replacement Citroen is a French automaker, is well-known for its forward-looking approach. The iconic 2CV model was made in 9 million variants between 1948 and 1990. Sometimes your keys or remote fob can get out of sync with your vehicle and need to be reset. This can be done at a dealer or our mobile technicians are able to assist you. Replacement Citroen Car Keys The cost of a replacement Citroen key can differ based on the car model. For instance, models with more sophisticated features like the Xsara Picasso or Berlingo can cost more to replace. But, in general our prices are up to 50% cheaper than that of the main dealer. We can provide new transponder keys and remotes for all Citroen models from 1998 to 2000. The keys have a chip that communicates with your vehicle when you insert them into the lock. The car will unlock once the correct code is received. These are more secure than other kinds of keys for cars. They also serve as an effective deterrent to thieves. From 1997 onwards, all Citroen keys used the mechanical switchblade key, and did not require programming. Making spare keys is simple and can be completed in minutes on site. In the event of a lost key, a PIN code is required. This is usually hidden under a scratch panel placed on the plastic “SECURITY CARD” the shape and size of a credit card that is kept in the owner's wallet. We can provide this quickly – you don't need to visit the dealer! From 2000 onwards all Citroen cars and vans use transponders (chip) contained within the key or remote fob. This type of key has to be programmed into the vehicle using an exclusive diagnostic tool. If you have the right tools, this procedure is simple and quick. Other methods are available for programming these Citroen keys, however they are less secure and carry a higher chance of destroying information on the microchip. The best method to avoid this is to speak with one of our certified locksmiths who understand how to use the tools in a safe manner and have a deep understanding of the security system of your vehicle. Citroen Car Key Replacement It's stressful if you have lost your Citroen key or require a spare. Many people believe they have to visit their dealer to get a replacement key, but this is not always the situation. Automobiles are becoming more advanced and this also includes their keys. A locksmith in your neighborhood can replace a traditional car key however, if you've got a smart or remote key, you'll need to find a professional with the right tools and experience. We are one of the few mobile businesses that have the equipment required to re-program newer Citroen keys to cars. This allows us to save you a significant amount of time and money compared to the main dealer. The process of taking your Citroen to the dealer can be more costly because they'll need to reset the immobiliser which could cost upwards of PS1000. From 1998 all Citroen models use transponder chips (philips fixed code type 33 or 'T5') inside their keys which are used to start the vehicle. citroen car keys “snap-in” key only opened the lock and activated the alarm. Modern key systems include a remote control fob which can lock and unlock the car from a distance and turn off alarms with a touch the button. This is a much more secure system that only your individual keys can control it. Replacing the key for this model of Citroen is simple and can be accomplished on site in most cases (including keys that have been lost). If you have lost both keys, the vehicle must be re-coded which requires taking the car to our workshop. Citroen Car Key Repair The Citroen range is a popular line of vehicles that includes the C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and the Xsara. All these vehicles have transponder chips inside the key blades which allow them to start the car – if the correct PIN code is detected by the vehicle when the key is inserted it will respond with an immobiliser code, and the engine will begin. This is referred to as”chip key” and is very secure “chip key” and is extremely secure. It is simple to replace these keys in the event that you have lost the keys. They can be purchased from your local auto locksmith. Citroen cars made from 1998 to date use a different type of chip, called a “fiat” type 33. This chip is more difficult to replace. In these cases it is necessary to use a method known as 'eeprom-work' in order to obtain the most important information. This is a highly-specialized area of expertise, but we can offer this service at your house or office through our mobile workshop. This avoids a trip to the dealer, who is likely to charge an additional amount for this service. You will have to bring your V5 and ID with you to the dealer to place an order for an alternative key. This can take up to five days. The dealer will have to program the key into your vehicle to ensure that it functions properly. This can cost you a significant amount of money.